This collection of statistics, gathered by the U.S. Census, breaks down the American population into a variety of subgroups to demonstrate the diverse group of people living in the U.S. Statistics include: total U.S. population (313,847,465 as of July 2012), U.S. population by household type (families, single people, etc.), the population by state, and the ratio of males to females in the United States.

2010 Census Facts

U.S. Census Timeline

The Population Shifts in the U.S.

U.S. Population by Sex & Age

U.S. Population by Race

Hispanic Population in the U.S.

U.S. Population by Housing Tenure: Owners vs. Renters

Population by State

Total U.S. Population

State Population by Rank

Colonial Population Estimates

U.S. Population by Region, 1990–2010

Ratio of Males to Females, by Age Group, 1950–2010

National Censuses, 1790–2010

Population Explosion Among Older Americans

Persons 65 Years Old and Over-Characteristics by Sex, 1980-2010

Population 65 Years and Over by Age, 1990–2010

Population 65 Years and Over in Nursing Homes by Age, 1990–2010

Population Distribution by Age, Race, and Nativity, 1860-2010

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