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34 Senate seats are up for grabs

by Ann-Marie Imbornoni

This article was posted in September 2002.

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Thirty-four Senate seats are being contested in this year's national elections. Of these, 19 are now held by Republicans, and 15 are held by Democrats.

As it now stands, the Republicans control the Senate with a 54-to-46 seat advantage. It is possible (although not probable) that this could change after the coming elections.

Democrats Need 5 Seats for Majority

In a number of states, including Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Montana, the Republican incumbents appear to be in danger of losing their seats. In the event that the Democrats pick up four seats in the elections, the Senate will be evenly divided 50-50. If the Democrats manage to gain five seats, they will achieve a slim majority of 51-to-49.

No matter who wins in the Senate, however, it appears likely that the majority will be held by a very small margin, which could make for greater legislative gridlock under the new administration.


  • Jon L. Kyl (R), incumbent

Other candidates:

  • William Toel (I)
  • Vance Hansen (GP)
  • Barry J. Hess (L)


  • Tom Campbell (R)
  • Dianne Feinstein (D), incumbent

Other candidates:

  • Medea Susan Benjamin (GP)
  • Jose Luis Camahort (RP)
  • Gail K. Lightfoot (L)
  • Brian M. Rees (NL)
  • Diane B. Templin (IA)


Other candidates:

  • William Kozak (CC)
  • Wildey J. Moore (L)


  • William V. Roth (R), incumbent
  • Thomas R. Carper (D)

Other candidates:

  • Mark E. Dankof (C)
  • Robert Mattson (NL)
  • J. Burke Morrison (L)


  • Connie Mack (R), incumbent, retiring
  • Bill McCollum (R)
  • Bill Nelson (D)

Other candidates:

  • Willie Logan (I)
  • Andy Martin (I)
  • Darrell L. McCormick (I)
  • Joel Deckard (RP)
  • Olen C. Faulk (W)
  • Richard Grayson (W)
  • Brian Heady (W)
  • Argiris Malapanis (W)
  • Nikki Morgan Oldaker (W)
  • Joseph R. Simonetta (NL)


  • Mack F. Mattingly (R)
  • Bobby Rudolph Wood (R)
  • Zell Miller (D), incumbent, appointed in 2000 to fill vacancy after death of Sen. Paul Coverdell

Other candidates:

  • Ben Ballenger (I)
  • Princella Howard Dixon (NP)
  • Jeff Gates (GP)
  • Paul Robert MacGregor (L)
  • Winnie Walsh (NP)


  • John Stanley Carroll (R)
  • Daniel K. Akaka (D), incumbent

Other candidates:

  • Lauri A. Clegg (NL)
  • Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan (L)
  • David W. Porter (C)


  • Richard D. Lugar (R), incumbent
  • David L. Johnson (D)

Other candidate:

  • Paul Hager (L)


  • Olympia J. Snowe (R), incumbent
  • Mark W. Lawrence (D)


  • Paul S. Sarbanes (D), incumbent
  • Paul Rappaport (R)

Other candidate:

  • Corrogan R. Vaughn (W)


  • Jack E. Robinson (R)
  • Edward M. Kennedy (D), incumbent

Other candidates:

  • Dale Friedgen (U)
  • Carla Howell (L)
  • Philip Hyde (TD)
  • Philip Lawler (C)


  • Spencer Abraham (R), incumbent
  • Debbie A. Stabenow (D)

Other candidates:

  • Matthew R. Abel (GP)
  • Michael Corliss (L)
  • Mark A. Forton (RP)
  • John Mangopoulos (UST)
  • William Quarton (NL)


  • Rod Grams (R), incumbent
  • Mark Dayton (D)

Other candidates:

  • David Daniels (GRP)
  • Rebecca Ellis (SW)
  • James Gibson (Ind.)
  • Erik D. Pakieser (L)
  • Oloveuse Scorpio Savior (W)
  • David Swan (C)


Other candidates:

  • Jim Giles (I)
  • Lewis W. Napper (L)
  • Shawn O'Hara (RP)


  • John Ashcroft (R), incumbent
  • Mel Carnahan (D) (deceased 10/17/00; governor of Missouri will appoint senator if Carnahan wins on ballot)
Other candidates:
  • Charles Dockins (NL)
  • Hugh Foley (RP)
  • Grant Samuel Stauffer (L)
  • Evaline Taylor (GP)


  • Conrad Burns (R), incumbent
  • Brian Schweitzer (D)
Other candidate:
  • Gary Lee (RP)


  • J. Robert Kerrey (D), incumbent, retiring
  • Don Stenberg (R)
  • Ben Nelson (D)


  • Richard Bryan (D), incumbent, retiring
  • John Ensign (R)
  • Edward Marc Bernstein (D)

Other candidates:

  • Ernie Berghof (IA)
  • Bill Grutzmacher (CF)
  • J.J. Johnson (L)
  • Kathryn Rusco (GP)

New Jersey

  • Frank R. Lautenberg (D), incumbent, departing
  • Robert Franks (R)
  • Jon Corzine (D)

Other candidates:

  • Dennis A. Breen (I)
  • J.M. Carter (I)
  • Pat DiNizio (I)
  • George Gostigian (I)
  • Bruce I. Afran (GP)
  • Emerson Ellett (L)
  • Lorraine La Neve (NJC)
  • Gregory Pason (S)
  • Nancy Rosenstock (SW)

New Mexico

  • William Thomas Redmond (R)
  • Jeff Bingaman (D), incumbent

Other candidate:

  • Orlin G. Cole (W)

New York

  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D), incumbent, retiring

Other candidates:

  • John Adofopi (RL)
  • John Clifton (L)
  • Mark Dunau (GP)
  • Jeffrey E. Graham (I)
  • Jacob J. Perasso (SW)
  • Louis Wein (C)

North Dakota

  • Duane Sand (R)
  • Kent Conrad (D), incumbent


  • Mike De Wine (R), incumbent
  • Ted Celeste (D)

Other candidates:

  • John A. Eastman (NL)
  • John R. McAlister (L)


  • Rick Santorum (R), incumbent
  • Ron Klink (D)

Other candidates:

  • Bob Domske (RP)
  • John Featherman (L)
  • Lester B. Searer (C)

Rhode Island

  • Lincoln Chafee (R), incumbent
  • Robert Weygand (D)

Other candidates:

  • Kenneth P. Proulx (I)
  • Christopher Young (RP)


  • William H. Frist (R), incumbent
  • Jeff Clark (D)

Other candidates:

  • Charles F. Johnson (I)
  • Joel Kinstle (I)
  • David Jarrod Ownby (I)
  • Robert Watson (I)
  • Tom Burrell (GP)


  • Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R), incumbent
  • Gene Kelly (D)

Other candidates:

  • Mary J. Ruwart (L)
  • Doug Sandage (GP)


  • Orrin G. Hatch (R), incumbent
  • Scott N. Howell (D)

Other candidates:

  • Carlton Edward Bowen (IA)
  • Jim Dexter (L)


  • Jim M. Jeffords (R), incumbent
  • Ed Flanagan (D)

Other candidates:

  • Rick Hubbard (I)
  • Charles W. Russell (I)
  • Hugh Douglas (L)
  • Billy Greer (GRP)
  • Jerry Levi (LU)


  • George Allen (R)
  • Charles S. Robb (D), incumbent


  • Slade Gorton (R), incumbent
  • Maria Cantwell (D)

Other candidate:

  • Jeff Jared (L)

West Virginia

  • David T. Gallaher (R)
  • Robert C. Byrd (D), incumbent

Other candidate:

  • F. Joseph Whelan (L)


  • John Gillespie (R)
  • Herbert H. Kohl (D), incumbent

Other candidates:

  • Eugene A. Hem (I)
  • Tim Peterson (L)
  • Robert R. Raymond (C)


  • Craig Thomas (R), incumbent
  • Mel Logan (D)

Other candidate:

  • Margaret Dawson (L)

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