Vice Presidents

Find information about U.S. vice presidents, from John Adams in 1789 to Joseph Biden in 2009.

Name and (party)1TermState of birthBirth and
death dates
President served under
1.John Adams (F)21789?1797Massachusetts1735?1826Washington
2.Thomas Jefferson (DR)1797?1801Virginia1743?1826J. Adams
3.Aaron Burr (DR)1801?1805New Jersey1756?1836Jefferson
4.George Clinton (DR)31805?1812New York1739?1812Jefferson and Madison
5.Elbridge Gerry (DR)31813?1814Massachusetts1744?1814Madison
6.Daniel D. Tompkins (DR)1817?1825New York1774?1825Monroe
7.John C. Calhoun41825?1832South Carolina1782?1850J. Q. Adams and Jackson
8.Martin Van Buren (D)1833?1837New York1782?1862Jackson
9.Richard M. Johnson (D)1837?1841Kentucky1780?1850Van Buren
10.John Tyler (W)51841Virginia1790?1862W. H. Harrison
11.George M. Dallas (D)1845?1849Pennsylvania1792?1864Polk
12.Millard Fillmore (W)51849?1850New York1800?1874Taylor
13.William R. King (D)31853North Carolina1786?1853Pierce
14.John C. Breckinridge (D)1857?1861Kentucky1821?1875Buchanan
15.Hannibal Hamlin (R)1861?1865Maine1809?1891Lincoln
16.Andrew Johnson (U)51865North Carolina1808?1875Lincoln
17.Schuyler Colfax (R)1869?1873New York1823?1885Grant
18.Henry Wilson (R)31873?1875New Hampshire1812?1875Grant
19.William A. Wheeler (R)1877?1881New York1819?1887Hayes
20.Chester A. Arthur (R)51881Vermont1829?1886Garfield
21.Thomas A. Hendricks (D)31885Ohio1819?1885Cleveland
22.Levi P. Morton (R)1889?1893Vermont1824?1920B. Harrison
23.Adlai E. Stevenson (D)1893?1897Kentucky1835?1914Cleveland
24.Garrett A. Hobart (R)31897?1899New Jersey1844?1899McKinley
25.Theodore Roosevelt (R)51901New York1858?1919McKinley
26.Charles W. Fairbanks (R)1905?1909Ohio1852?1918T. Roosevelt
27.James S. Sherman (R)31909?1912New York1855?1912Taft
28.Thomas R. Marshall (D)1913?1921Indiana1854?1925Wilson
29.Calvin Coolidge (R)51921?1923Vermont1872?1933Harding
30.Charles G. Dawes (R)1925?1929Ohio1865?1951Coolidge
31.Charles Curtis (R)1929?1933Kansas1860?1936Hoover
32.John N. Garner (D)1933?1941Texas1868?1967F. D. Roosevelt
33.Henry A. Wallace (D)1941?1945Iowa1888?1965F. D. Roosevelt
34.Harry S. Truman (D)51945Missouri1884?1972F. D. Roosevelt
35.Alben W. Barkley (D)1949?1953Kentucky1877?1956Truman
36.Richard M. Nixon (R)1953-1961California1913?1994Eisenhower
37.Lyndon B. Johnson (D)51961?1963Texas1908?1973Kennedy
38.Hubert H. Humphrey (D)1965?1969South Dakota1911?1978L. B. Johnson
39.Spiro T. Agnew (R)61969?1973Maryland1918?1996Nixon
40.Gerald R. Ford (R)71973?1974Nebraska1913?2006Nixon
41.Nelson A. Rockefeller (R)81974?1977Maine1908?1979Ford
42.Walter F. Mondale (D)1977?1981Minnesota1928?Carter
43.George Bush (R)1981?1989Massachusetts1924?Reagan
44.J. Danforth Quayle (R)1989?1993Indiana1947?G.H.W. Bush
45.Albert A. Gore, Jr. (D)1993?2001Washington, D.C.1948?Clinton
46.Richard B. Cheney (R)2001?2009Nebraska1941?G. W. Bush
47.Joseph Biden (D)2009?Pennsylvania1942?Barack Obama
1. F?Federalist; DR?Democratic-Republican; D?Democratic; W?Whig; R?Republican; U?Union.
2. No party for first election. The party system in the U.S. made its appearance during Washington's first term as president.
3. Died in office.
4. Democratic-Republican with J. Q. Adams; Democratic with Jackson. Calhoun resigned in 1832 to become a U.S. senator.
5. Succeeded to presidency on death of president. Prior to the passage of the 25th Amendment (ratified Feb. 10, 1967), there were no provisions for filling a vacancy in the vice presidency. In the event of a vacancy, the president pro tempore took over most of the vice president's duties.
6. Resigned Oct. 10, 1973, after pleading no contest to federal income tax evasion charges.
7. Nominated by Nixon on Oct. 12, 1973, under provisions of 25th Amendment. Confirmed by Congress on Dec. 6, 1973, and was sworn in same day. He became president Aug. 9, 1974, upon Nixon's resignation.
8. Nominated by Ford Aug. 20, 1974; confirmed by Congress on Dec. 19, 1974, and was sworn in same day.

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