Bernie Sanders: Campaign Issues

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Where he stands

2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Source: Jacquelyn Martin for Associated Press

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  • Would cap deductions for CEO pay and count perks as profit
  • Would cap the home mortgage interest deduction at $300,000
  • On the issue of campaign finance, believes Citizens United "opens up the road to oligarchy"
  • Would end nuclear weapons and B-2 bomber production
  • Voted no on implementing Central America Free Trade


  • Voted yes on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities"
  • Voted no on comprehensive immigration reform
  • Voted no on declaring English as the official language of the federal government
  • Voted no on building a fence along the border with Mexico
  • Has an open-border stance


  • Believes in cutting subsidies of wealthy farmers and increasing grazing fees
  • Would strengthen prohibitions against animal fighting
  • Would require labeling on genetically engineered food
  • Would make tax deduction permanent for conversation easements
  • Voted yes on protecting ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems
  • Believes in regulating wholesale electricity & gas prices

Foreign Policy

  • Would urge China to respect religious freedom
  • Condemned violence by Chinese government in Tibet
  • Voted no on permanent normal trade relations with China
  • Voted no on cooperating with India as a nuclear power
  • Has a pro-Palestine voting record

Domestic Issues

  • Wants to prohibit employment discrimination for LGBTQ community
  • Believes in making health care a right, not a privilege
  • Would require DNA texting on all federal executions
  • Believes Bush's tracking citizens' phone call patterns was illegal
  • Would prohibit sexual-identity discrimination at schools
  • Voted no on making the Patriot Act permanent
  • Voted no on a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage
  • Wants to protect the reproductive rights of women
  • Believes we should focus on preventing pregnancy and emergency contraception
—Jennie Wood
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