Families by Type and Race, 2010

Updated September 21, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The following table shows the number of families there are in the U.S. and families by type: married couple families, households headed by a female, and households headed by a male. Data is the most recent available.

Race of Family Reference Person
TotalWhite aloneWhite alone, non-HispanicBlack aloneAsian aloneHispanic (any race)
Married couples60,38451,62644,8414,4093,1987,204
With children under 1825,31721,10617,0221,9641,6674,348
Without children under 1835,06730,52027,8192,4451,5312,856
Unmarried parent couple11,7651,35188931127508
Mother only with children under 1829,9246,3964,4042,9772352,186
Father only with children under 1821,7621,3331,05330357313
Householder and other relatives39,7836,8505,3162,1454671,676
Grandparent householder with grandchildren under 181,17974754334839217
Householder with adult children5,3073,8383,1711,157160743
Householder with young adult child age 18-242,0321,4161,12450455326
Householder with parent2,3391,5901,118451220515
NOTE: (?) = not applicable.
1. These couples have at least one joint never married child under 18.
2. Parents may have a cohabiting partner, but none of their children are also identified as the child of their cohabiting partner.
3. Sub-categories of "householder and other relative" are not mutually exclusive.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Web: www.census.gov
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