Going the Extra Mile: Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions Quiz

What are college admissions committees looking for when they read your application and check your extracurricular activities? Are they looking for someone who is involved in many pursuits outside of school? Students who stick with one activity for years?

Take this extracurricular activities quiz and find out just how much those extras count to colleges.

I play sports so it's OK if my GPA is a little weak.

It will look better on my application if I volunteer at a homeless shelter than if I am a member of the drama club.

When it comes to getting into college, the more clubs I join, sports I play, and volunteering I do, the better!

When I mention an activity on my application, it's important to give details.

Since I'm an athlete and I want to play in college, I'll need to go through a different admissions process.