Synonyms of weighty


1. weighty (vs. weightless)

usage: having relatively great weight; heavy; "a weighty load"; "a weighty package"

2. cogent, telling, weighty, persuasive (vs. dissuasive)

usage: powerfully persuasive; "a cogent argument"; "a telling presentation"; "a weighty argument"

3. grave, grievous, heavy, weighty, important (vs. unimportant), of import

usage: of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought; "grave responsibilities"; "faced a grave decision in a time of crisis"; "a grievous fault"; "heavy matters of state"; "the weighty matters to be discussed at the peace conference"

4. weighty, heavy (vs. light)

usage: weighing heavily on the spirit; causing anxiety or worry; "weighty problems"

5. corpulent, obese, weighty, rotund, fat (vs. thin)

usage: excessively fat; "a weighty man"

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