Synonyms of wallow


1. wallow, mud puddle

usage: a puddle where animals go to wallow

2. wallow, axial rotation, axial motion, roll

usage: an indolent or clumsy rolling about; "a good wallow in the water"


1. wallow, indulge

usage: devote oneself entirely to something; indulge in to an immoderate degree, usually with pleasure; "Wallow in luxury"; "wallow in your sorrows"

2. wallow, welter, move

usage: roll around, "pigs were wallowing in the mud"

3. billow, wallow, soar, soar up, soar upwards, surge, zoom

usage: rise up as if in waves; "smoke billowed up into the sky"

4. wallow, rejoice, triumph, exult, walk on air, be on cloud nine, jump for joy

usage: be ecstatic with joy

5. wallow, delight, enjoy, revel

usage: delight greatly in; "wallow in your success!"

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