Synonyms of truncated


1. truncate, substitute, replace, interchange, exchange

usage: replace a corner by a plane

2. truncate, estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge

usage: approximate by ignoring all terms beyond a chosen one; "truncate a series"

3. truncate, cut short, shorten

usage: make shorter as if by cutting off; "truncate a word"; "Erosion has truncated the ridges of the mountains"


1. abbreviated, shortened, truncated, short (vs. long)

usage: cut short in duration; "the abbreviated speech"; "her shortened life was clearly the result of smoking"; "an unsatisfactory truncated conversation"

2. truncate, truncated, short (vs. long)

usage: terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off; "a truncate leaf"; "truncated volcanic mountains"; "a truncated pyramid"

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