Synonyms of sputtering


1. spatter, spattering, splatter, splattering, sputter, splutter, sputtering, noise

usage: the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively; "he heard a spatter of gunfire"


1. sputter, pop

usage: make an explosive sound; "sputtering engines"

2. sputter, change, alter, modify

usage: cause to undergo a process in which atoms are removed; "The solar wind protons must sputter away the surface atoms of the dust"

3. clamber, scramble, shin, shinny, skin, struggle, sputter, climb

usage: climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling

4. sputter, splutter, utter, emit, let out, let loose

usage: utter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage

5. splutter, sputter, spit out, expectorate, cough up, cough out, spit up, spit out

usage: spit up in an explosive manner

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Definition and meaning of sputtering (Dictionary)