Synonyms of laced


1. intertwine, twine, entwine, enlace, interlace, lace, twist, twine, distort

usage: spin,wind, or twist together; "intertwine the ribbons"; "Twine the threads into a rope"; "intertwined hearts"

2. braid, lace, plait, weave, tissue

usage: make by braiding or interlacing; "lace a tablecloth"

3. lace, weave, tissue

usage: do lacework; "The Flemish women were lacing in front of the cathedral"

4. lace, lace up, tie, bind

usage: draw through eyes or holes; "lace the shoelaces"

5. spike, lace, fortify, change, alter, modify

usage: add alcohol to (beverages); "the punch is spiked!"


1. laced (vs. unlaced), tied

usage: closed with a lace; "snugly laced shoes"

2. laced, patterned (vs. plain)

usage: edged or streaked with color; "white blossoms with purple-laced petals"

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