Synonyms of glorious


1. glorious (vs. inglorious), bright, celebrated, historied, storied, divine, elysian, inspired, empyreal, empyrean, sublime, illustrious, incandescent, lustrous, known

usage: having or deserving or conferring glory; "a long and glorious career"; "our glorious literature"

2. brilliant, glorious, magnificent, splendid, impressive (vs. unimpressive)

usage: characterized by grandeur; "the brilliant court life at Versailles"; "a glorious work of art"; "magnificent cathedrals"; "the splendid coronation ceremony"

3. glorious, resplendent, splendid, splendiferous, beautiful (vs. ugly)

usage: having great beauty and splendor; "a glorious spring morning"; "a glorious sunset"; "splendid costumes"; "a kind of splendiferous native simplicity"

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