Synonyms of fouled


1. foul, hit

usage: hit a foul ball

2. pollute, foul, contaminate, dirty, soil, begrime, grime, colly, bemire

usage: make impure; "The industrial wastes polluted the lake"

3. clog, choke off, clog up, back up, congest, choke, foul, obstruct, obturate, impede, occlude, jam, block, close up

usage: become or cause to become obstructed; "The leaves clog our drains in the Fall"; "The water pipe is backed up"

4. foul, play

usage: commit a foul; break the rules

5. foul, befoul, defile, maculate, dishonor, disgrace, dishonour, attaint, shame

usage: spot, stain, or pollute; "The townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it"

6. foul, dirty, soil, begrime, grime, colly, bemire

usage: make unclean; "foul the water"

7. foul, change

usage: become soiled and dirty


1. befouled, fouled, dirty (vs. clean), soiled, unclean

usage: made dirty or foul; "a building befouled with soot"; "breathing air fouled and darkened with factory soot"

2. afoul(postnominal), foul, fouled, tangled (vs. untangled)

usage: especially of a ship's lines etc; "with its sails afoul"; "a foul anchor"

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