The following tables list the Winter X Games winners of men's and women's snowmobiling events, including Snocross, Hillcross, and Freestyle.

Year Snocross
1998 Toni Haikonen
1999 Chris Vincent
2000 Tucker Hibbert
2001 Blair Morgan
2002 Blair Morgan
2003 Not held
2004 Michael Island
2005 Blair Morgan
2006 Blair Morgan
2007 Tucker Hibbert
2008 Tucker Hibbert
2009 Tucker Hibbert
Year Hillcross
2001 Carl Kuster
2002 Carl Kuster
2003 Mike Metzger
2004 Levi LaVallee
2005 Event Discontinued
Year Freestyle
2007 Chris Burandt
2008 Levi LaVallee
2009 Joe Parsons


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