Summer Games Gold Medal Winners: Track and Field–Men: Men's Olympic Pole Vault Through the Years

1896William Hoyt, United States10 ft 9.75 in
1900Irving Baxter, United States10 ft 9.875 in
1904Charles Dvorak, United States11 ft 6 in
1906Fernand Gouder, France11 ft 6 in
1908Alfred Gilbert, United States,
and Edward Cook, United States (tie)
12 ft 2 in
1912Harry Babcock, United States12 ft 11.5 in
1920Frank Foss, United States13 ft 5.5625 in
1924Lee Barnes, United States12 ft 11.5 in
1928Sabin W. Carr, United States13 ft 9.375 in
1932William Miller, United States14 ft 1.875 in
1936Earle Meadows, United States14 ft 3.25 in
1948Guinn Smith, United States14 ft 0.25 in
1952Robert Richards, United States14 ft 11.125 in
1956Robert Richards, United States14 ft 11.5 in
1960Don Bragg, United States15 ft 5.125 in
1964Fred Hansen, United States16 ft 8.75 in
1968Bob Seagren, United States17 ft 8.5 in
1972Wolfgang Nordwig, East Germany18 ft 0.5 in
1976Tadeusz Slusarski, Poland18 ft 0.5 in
1980Wladyslaw Kozakiewics, Poland18 ft 11.5 in
1984Pierre Quinon, France18 ft 10.25 in
1988Sergei Bubka, USSR19 ft 4.25 in
1992Maxim Tarassov, Unified Team119 ft 0.25 in
1996Jean Galfione, France19 ft 5.25 in
2000Nick Hysong, United States19 ft 4.25 in
2004Tim Mack, United States19 ft 6.25 in
2008Steve Hooker, Australia19 ft 6.64 in
1. Former Soviet Union team.


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