Summer Games Gold Medal Winners: Track and Field–Men: Men's Olympic Marathon Through the Years

1896Spiridon Loues, Greece2:58:50.00
1900Michel Teato, France2:59:45.00
1904Thomas Hicks, United States3:28:53.00
1906William J. Sherring, Canada2:51:23.65
1908John J. Hayes, United States2:55:18.40
1912Kenneth McArthur, South Africa2:36:54.80
1920Hannes Kolehmainen, Finland2:32:35.80
1924Albin Stenroos, Finland2:41:22.60
1928A. B. El Quafi, France2:32:57.00
1932Juan Zabala, Argentina2:31:36.00
1936Kitei Son, Japan12:29:19.20
1948Delfo Cabrera, Argentina2:34:51.60
1952Emil Zatopek, Czechoslovakia2:23:30.20
1956Alain Mimoun, France2:25:00.00
1960Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia2:15:16.20
1964Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia2:12:11.20
1968Mamo Wold, Ethiopia2:20:26.40
1972Frank Shorter, United States2:12:19.80
1976Walter Cierpinski, East Germany2:09:55.00
1980Walter Cierpinski, East Germany2:11:30.00
1984Carlos Lopes, Portugal2:09:21.00
1988Gelindo Bordin, Italy2:10:47.00
1992Hwang Young-Cho, South Korea2:13:23.00
1996Josia Thugwane, South Africa2:12:36.00
2000Gezahgne Abera, Ethiopia2:10:11.00
2004Stefano Baldini, Italy2:10:55.00
2008Samuel Kamau Wansiru, Kenya2:06:32.00*
1. Son was actually a Korean named Son Gi-jeong, but he was forced to compete under the name Kitei Son by Japan, which occupied Korea at the time.

*Olympic record


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Summer Games Gold Medal Winners: <br />Track and Field–Men
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