1997 Men's World, Olympic and American Field Events Records

Field Events

EventMarkDate SetLocation
High Jump:World8-01/2Javier Sotomayor, CubaJuly 27, 1993Salamanca, SPA
Olympic7- 10Charles Austin, USAJuly 28, 1996Atlanta
American7-101/2Charles AustinAug. 7, 1991Zurich
Pole Vault:World20-13/4Sergey Bubka, UkraineJuly 31, 1994Sestriere, ITA
Olympic19-51/4Jean Galfione, FranceAug. 2, 1996Atlanta
19-51/4Igor Trandenkov, RussiaAug. 2, 1996Atlanta
19-51/4Andrei Tiwontschik, GermanyAug. 2, 1996Atlanta
American19-71/2Lawrence JohnsonMay 25, 1996Knoxville, Tenn.
Long Jump:World29-43/4*Ivan Pedroso, CubaJuly 29, 1995Sestriere, ITA
29-41/2Mike Powell, USAAug. 30, 1991Tokyo
Olympic29-21/2Bob Beamon, USAOct. 18, 1968Mexico City
American29-41/2Powell (same as World)??
Triple Jump:World60- 01/4Jonathan Edwards, GBRAug. 7, 1995Gteborg
Olympic59-41/4Kenny Harrison, USAJuly 27, 1996Atlanta
American59-41/4Kenny Harrison (same as Olympic)??
Shot Put:World75-101/4Randy Barnes, USAMay 20, 1990Los Angeles
Olympic73- 83/4Ulf Timmermann, East GermanySept. 23, 1988Seoul
American75-101/4Barnes (same as World)??
Discus:World243- 0Jurgen Schult, East GermanyJune 6, 1986Neubrandenburg
Olympic227- 8Lare Reidel, GermanyJuly 31, 1996Atlanta
American237-4Ben PlucknettJuly 7, 1981Stockholm
Javelin:World323- 1pJan Zelezny, Czech RepublicMay 25, 1996Jena, GER
Olympic294-2Jan Zelezny, CzechoslovakiaAug. 8, 1992Barcelona
American284-10Tom PukstysAug. 25, 1996Sheffield, ENG
Hammer:World284- 7Yuri Sedykh, USSRAug. 30, 1986Stuttgart
Olympic278- 2Sergey Litvinov, USSRSept. 26, 1988Seoul
American270- 9Lance DealSept. 7, 1996Milan
Note: The international weights for men? Shot (16 lbs); Discus (4 lbs/6.55 oz); Javelin (minimum 1 lb/1241/4 oz.); Hammer (16 lbs).
*Apparent world record disallowed because of interference with wind gauge at altitude.


Men: Track And Field, 1996-97 Season
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