Men's Olympic 400-meter Hurdles Through the Years

400-meter Hurdles

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 400m hurdles race from 1900 to the present.

Year TimeRecord
1900Walter Tewksbury, USA57.6 
1904Harry Hillman, USA53.0 
1908Charley Bacon, USA55.0WR
1920Frank Loomis, USA54.0WR
1924Morgan Taylor, USA52.6 
1928David Burghley, GBR53.4OR
1932Bob Tisdall, IRE51.7 
1936Glenn Hardin, USA52.4 
1948Roy Cochran, USA51.1OR
1952Charley Moore, USA50.8OR
1956Glenn Davis, USA50.1OR
1960Glenn Davis, USA49.3OR
1964Rex Cawley, USA49.6 
1968David Hemery, GBR48.12WR
1972John Akii-Bua, UGA47.82WR
1976Edwin Moses, USA47.64WR
1980Volker Beck, E. Ger48.70 
1984Edwin Moses, USA47.75 
1988Andre Phillips, USA47.19OR
1992Kevin Young, USA46.78WR
1996Derrick Adkins, USA47.54 
2000Angelo Taylor, USA47.50 
2004Felix Sanchez, DOM47.63 
2008Angelo Taylor, USA47.25 
2012Felix Sanchez, DOM47.63 


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