Olympic Men's 100 meters Sprint Gold Medal Times

100 meters

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 100 meter race from 1896 to the present.

1896Tom Burke, USA12.0
1900Frank Jarvis, USA11.0
1904Archie Hahn, USA11.0
1906Archie Hahn, USA11.2
1908Reggie Walker, S. Afr.10.8OR
1912Ralph Craig, USA10.8
1920Charley Paddock, USA10.8
1924Harold Abrahams, GBR10.6OR
1928Percy Williams, CAN10.8
1932Eddie Tolan, USA10.3OR
1936Jesse Owens, USA10.3w
1948Harrison Dillard, USA10.3OR
1952Lindy Remigino, USA10.4
1956Bobby Morrow, USA10.5
1960Armin Hary, GER10.2OR
1964Bob Hayes, USA10.0WR
1968Jim Hines, USA9.95WR
1972Valery Borzov, USSR10.14
1976Hasely Crawford, TRI10.06
1980Allan Wells, GBR10.25
1984Carl Lewis, USA9.99
1988Carl Lewis, USA*9.92WR
1992Linford Christie, GBR9.96
1996Donovan Bailey, CAN9.84WR
2000Maurice Greene, USA9.87
2004Justin Gatlin, USA9.85
2008Usain Bolt, JAM9.69OR, WR
2012Usain Bolt, JAM9.63OR
windicates wind-aided.
*Lewis finished second to Ben Johnson of Canada, who set a world record of 9.79 seconds. Two days later, Johnson was stripped of his gold medal and his record when he tested positive for steroid use in a post-race drug test.

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