2006 Winter Olympics Speed Skating Medalists: 2006 Women's Olympic Speed Skating Medalists

500 meters

Times reflected are a combination of two heats with each skater racing once on the inside lane and once on the outside lane.

1Svetlana Zhurova, RUS1:16.57 
2Manli Wang, CHN1:16.78 
3Hui Ren, CHN1:16.87 

1000 meters

1Marianne Timmer, NED1:16.05 
2Cindy Klassen, CAN1:16.09 
3Anni Friesinger, GER1:16.11 

1500 meters

1Cindy Klassen, CAN1:55.27 
2Kristina Groves, CAN1:56.74 
3Ireen Wust, NED1:56.90 

3000 meters

1Ireen Wust, NED4:02.43 
2Renate Groenewold, NED4:03.48 
3Cindy Klassen, CAN4:04.37 

Team Pursuit



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2006 Winter Olympics Speed Skating Medalists