Mike Tyson

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Born:June 30, 1966
Pro record:49-3-0, 2 NC, 43 KOs
NoDateOpponent, locationResult
13/6/85Hector Mercedes, Albany, N.Y.KO 1
24/10/85Trent Singleton, Albany, N.Y.TKO 1
35/23/85Don Halpin, Albany, N.Y.KO 4
46/20/85Rick Spain, Atlantic CityKO 1
57/11/85John Anderson, Atlantic CityTKO 2
67/19/85Larry Sims, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.KO 3
78/15/85Lorenzo Canady, Atlantic CityTKO 1
89/5/85Michael Johnson, Atlantic CityKO 1
910/9/85Donnie Long, Atlantic CityKO 1
1010/25/85Robert Colay, Atlantic CityKO 1
1111/1/85Sterling Benjamin, Latham, N.Y.TKO 1
1211/13/85Eddie Richardson, HoustonKO 1
1311/22/85Conroy Nelson, Latham, N.Y.KO 2
1412/6/85Sammy Scaff, New York CityKO 1
1512/27/85Mark Young, Latham, N.Y.KO 1
161/10/86Dave Jaco, Albany, N.Y.TKO 1
171/24/86Mike Jameson, Atlantic CityTKO 5
182/16/86Jesse Ferguson, Troy, N.Y.TKO 6
193/10/86Steve Zouski, Uniondale, N.Y.KO 3
205/3/86James Tillis, Glens Falls, N.Y.Wu 10
215/20/86Mitchell Green, New York CityWu 10
226/13/86Reggie Gross, New York CityTKO 1
236/28/86William Hosea, Troy, N.Y.KO 1
247/11/86Lorenzo Boyd, Swan Lake, N.Y.KO 2
257/26/86Marvis Frazier, Glens Falls, N.Y.KO 1
268/17/86Jose Ribalta, Atlantic CityTKO 10
279/6/86Alfonzo Ratliff, Las VegasKO 2
2811/22/86Trevor Berbick, Las VegasKO 2
(won WBC heavyweight title)
293/7/87Bonecrusher Smith, Las VegasWu 12
(won WBA heavyweight title)
305/30/87Pinklon Thomas, Las VegasTKO 6
318/1/87Tony Tucker, Las VegasWu 12
(won IBF heavyweight title)
3210/16/87Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic CityTKO 7
331/22/88Larry Holmes, Atlantic CityKO 4
343/21/88Tony Tubbs, TokyoTKO 2
356/27/88Michael Spinks, Atlantic CityKO 1
362/25/89Frank Bruno, Las VegasTKO 5
377/21/89Carl Williams, Atlantic CityTKO 1
382/10/90Buster Douglas, TokyoKO by 10
(lost world heavyweight title)
396/16/90Henry Tillman, Las VegasKO 1
4012/8/90Alex Stewart, Atlantic CityTKO 1
413/18/91Razor Ruddock, Las VegasTKO 7
426/28/91Razor Ruddock, Las VegasWu 12
438/19/95Peter McNeeley, Las VegasW disq. 1
(first fight since release from prison)
4412/16/95Buster Mathis Jr., PhiladelphiaKO 3
453/16/96Frank Bruno, Las VegasTKO 3
(won WBC heavyweight title)
469/7/96Bruce Seldon, Las VegasTKO 1
(won WBA heavyweight title)
4711/9/96Evander Holyfield, Las VegasTKO by 11
(lost WBA heavyweight title)
486/28/97Evander Holyfield, Las VegasL disq 3
(disqualified for biting Holyfield's ears)
491/16/99Frans Botha, Las VegasKO 5
5010/23/99Orlin Norris, Las VegasNC*
511/29/00Julius Francis, Manchester, ENGTKO 2
526/24/00Lou Savarese, Glasgow, SCOTTKO 1
5310/20/00Andrew Golota, Auburn Hills, MINC*
5410/13/00Brian Nielsen, Copenhagen, DENTKO 7
*The Tyson-Norris bout was ruled a no-contest after Norris hurt his knee and could not continue following a off-the-clinch-punch from Mike Tyson. The Tyson-Golota bout was initially ruled a third-round TKO win for Tyson but was later ruled a no contest because Tyson refused to take a pre-fight drug test and then tested positive for marijuana in a post-fight urine test.

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