Team by Team Statistics for Basketball, 2000-2001: Vancouver Grizzlies

Shareef Abdur-Rahim81.472166320.59.13.1
Michael Dickerson70.417114216.33.33.3
Mike Bibby82.454130115.93.78.4
Bryant Reeves75.4606228.36.01.1
Damon Jones71.4094616.51.73.2
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf41.4882666.50.61.9
Grant Long66.4393966.04.21.3
Erick Strickland50.3032605.22.61.9
Stromile Swift*80.4513914.93.50.3
Tony Massenberg52.4622334.54.00.2
Isaac Austin52.3562264.34.31.1
Kevin Edwards46.3291603.51.81.1
Brent Price6.273132.20.70.8
Doug West15.289281.91.00.9
Triple Doubles: None. 3-pt FG leader: Bibby (108).
Steals leader: Bibby (107). Blocks leader: Swift (82).
Traded: F Othella Harrington to New York for G Strickland, the 2001 1st rd. pick acquired from LAL and NY's 2001 2nd rd. pick (Jan. 30).

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Team by Team Statistics for Basketball, 2000-2001
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