2000-01 Detroit Pistons Team Stats

Jerry Stackhouse80.402238029.83.95.1
Corliss Williamson69.50280111.64.70.9
Joe Smith69.40384712.37.11.1
Chucky Atkins81.39997112.02.14.1
Dana Barros60.4444788.01.61.8
Ben Wallace80.4905116.413.11.5
Mateen Cleaves*78.4004225.41.72.7
Michael Curry68.4553565.21.81.9
Mikki Moore81.4933594.43.90.4
Billy Owens45.3831984.44.61.2
Jud Buechler57.4631933.41.60.7
Kornel David27.490622.31.90.3
Brian Cardinal*15.323312.11.50.2
Triple Doubles: Stackhouse (1). 3-pt FG leader: Stackhouse (166).
Steals leader: Wallace (107). Blocks leader: Wallace (186).
Signed: F Smith (Nov. 20). Traded: F Jerome Williams and C Eric Montross to Toronto for F Williamson, F Tyrone Corbin and F David (Feb. 22).

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Team by Team Statistics for Basketball, 2000-2001
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