1996-97 Women's World, Olympic and American Records Swimming


DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
50 meters:World24.51Le Jingyi, ChinaSept. 11, 1994Rome
Olympic24.79Yang Wenyi, ChinaJuly 31, 1992Barcelona
American24.87Amy Van DykenJuly 26, 1996Atlanta
100 meters:World54.01Le Jingyi, ChinaSept. 5, 1994Rome
Olympic54.65Zhaung Yong, ChinaJuly 26, 1992Barcelona
American54.48Jenny ThompsonMar. 1, 1992Indianapolis
200 meters:World1:56.78Franziska Van Almsick, Ger.Sept. 6, 1994Rome
Olympic1:57.65Heike Friedrich, E. GermanySept. 21, 1988Seoul
American1:57.90Nicole HaislettJuly 27, 1992Barcelona
400 meters:World4:03.85Janet Evans, USASept. 22, 1988Seoul
Olympic4:03.85Evans (same as World)??
American4:03.85Evans (same as World)??
800 meters:World8:16.22Janet Evans, USAAug. 20, 1989Tokyo
Olympic8:20.20Janet Evans, USASept. 24, 1988Seoul
American8:16.22Evans (same as World)??
1500 meters:World15:52.10Janet Evans, USAMar. 26, 1988Orlando
OlympicNot an event???
American15:52.10Evans (same as World)??


DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
100 meters:World1:00.16He Cihong, ChinaSept. 10, 1994Rome
Olympic1:00.68Krisztina Egerszegi, HungaryJuly 28, 1992Barcelona
American1:00.82rLea LovelessJuly 30, 1992Barcelona
200 meters:World2:06.62Krisztina Egerszegi, HungaryAug. 25, 1991Athens
Olympic2:07.06Krisztina Egerszegi, HungaryJuly 31, 1992Barcelona
American2:08.60Betsy MitchellJune 27, 1986Orlando


DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
100 meters:World1:07.02pPenny Heyns, South AfricaJuly 21, 1996Atlanta
Olympic1:07.02pPenny Heyns (same as World)??
American1:08.09Amanda BeardJuly 21, 1996Atlanta
200 meters:World2:24.76Rebecca Brown, AustraliaMar. 16, 1994Queensland, AUS
Olympic2:26.65Kyoko Iwasaki, JapanJuly 27, 1992Barcelona
American2:25.35Anita NallMar. 2, 1992Indianapolis


DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
100 meters:World57.93Mary T. Meagher, USAAug. 16, 1981Brown Deer, Wisc.
Olympic58.62Qian Hong, ChinaJuly 29, 1992Barcelona
American57.93Meagher (same as World)??
200 meters:World2:05.96Mary T. Meagher, USAAug. 13, 1981Brown Deer, Wisc.
Olympic2:06.90Mary T. Meagher, USAAug. 4, 1984Los Angeles
American2:05.96Meagher (same as World)??

Individual Medley

DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
200 meters:World2:11.65Lin Li, ChinaJuly 30, 1992Barcelona
Olympic2:11.65Li (same as World)??
American2:11.91Summer SandersJuly 28, 1992Barcelona
400 meters:World4:36.10Petra Schneider, E. GermanyAug. 1, 1982Guayaquil, ECU
Olympic4:36.29Petra Schneider, E. GermanyJuly 26, 1980Moscow
American4:37.58Summer SandersJuly 30, 1992Barcelona


DistanceTimeDate SetLocation
4x100m free:World3:37.91China (Jingyi, S.Ying, L. Ying, Lu)Sept. 7, 1994Rome
Olympic3:39.29USA (Martino, Van Dyken, Fox, Thompson)July 22, 1996Atlanta
American3:39.29USA (same as Olympic)??
4x200m free:World7:55.47E. Germany (Stellmach, Strauss, Mohring, Friedrich)Aug. 18, 1987Strasbourg, FRA
Olympic7:59.87USA (Jackson, Teuscher, Taormina, Thompson)July 25, 1996Atlanta
American7:59.87USA (same as Olympic)??
4x100m medley:World4:01.67China (Cihong, Guohong, Limin, Jingyi)Sept. 10, 1994Rome
Olympic4:02.54USA (Loveless, Nall, Ahmann-Leighton, Thompson)July 30, 1992Barcelona
American4:02.54USA (same as Olympic)??

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1996-97 Women's World, Olympic and American Records
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