800-meter Freestyle

800-meter Freestyle

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the women's 800m Freestyle swimming competition from 1968 to the present.

Year WinnerTime Record
1968 Debbie Meyer, USA 9:24.0 OR
1972 Keena Rothhammer, USA 8:53.68 WR
1976 Petra Thümer, E. Ger 8:37.14 WR
1980 Michelle Ford, AUS 8:28.90 OR
1984 Tiffany Cohen, USA 8:24.95 OR
1988 Janet Evans, USA 8:20.20 OR
1992 Janet Evans, USA 8:25.52
1996Brooke Bennett, USA8:27.89
2000Brooke Bennett, USA8:19.67OR
2004 Ai Shibata, JPN8:24.54
2008 Rebecca Adlington, GBR 8:14.10 WR
2012 Katie Ledecky, USA 8:14.63

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