100-meter Freestyle

100-meter Freestyle

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the women's 100m Freestyle swimming competition from 1912 to the present.

1912Fanny Durack, AUS1:22.2 
1920Ethelda Bleibtrey, USA1:13.6WR
1924Ethel Lackie, USA1:12.4 
1928Albina Osipowich, USA1:11.0OR
1932Helene Madison, USA1:06.8OR
1936Rie Mastenbroek, NED1:05.9OR
1948Greta Andersen, DEN1:06.3 
1952Katalin Szöke, HUN1:06.8 
1956Dawn Fraser, AUS1:02.0WR
1960Dawn Fraser, AUS1:01.2OR
1964Dawn Fraser, AUS59.5OR
1968Jan Henne, USA1:00.0 
1972Sandra Neilson, USA58.59OR
1976Kornelia Ender, E. Ger55.65WR
1980Barbara Krause, E. Ger54.79WR
1984(TIE) Nancy Hogshead, USA55.92 
 & Carrie Steinseifer, USA55.92 
1988Kristin Otto, E. Ger54.93 
1992Zhuang Yong, CHN54.65OR
1996Le Jingyi, CHN54.50 
2000Inge de Bruijn, NED53.83 
2004Jodie Henry, AUS53.84 
2008Britta Steffen, GER53.12OR

Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED



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