1998 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Batting (135 AB)(150 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Damian Miller*.28616817483141
Devon White.27956384157228522
Andy Fox.2775026713994414
Tony Batista.273293468018411
Travis Lee*.2695627115122728
Matt Williams.2675107213620715
David Dellucci*.260416431085513
Kelly Stinnett.259274357111340
Jay Bell.2515497913820673
Bernard Gilkey.23336541855339
Brent Brede.22621223482171
Karim Garcia*.22233339749435
Andy Stankiewicz.207145930081
Yamil Benitez.19920617419302
Acquired: P Banks from NYY for P Scott Brow and Joe Lisio (Jun. 4); P Embree from Atl. for P Russ Springer (Jun. 23); OF Gilkey and minor leaguer from NYM for P Willie Blair, C Jorge Fabregas and cash (Jul. 31).
Claimed: P Telemaco off waivers from ChC (May 15); P Chouinard off waivers from Mil. (Jun. 13).
Sold: P Suppan to KC (Sept. 3).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Omar Daal2.888-1233162.251132
Gregg Olson3.013-46468.22555
Willie Banks3.091-23343.22532
Amaury Telemaco3.937-1041148.24678
Andy Benes3.9714-1334231.174164
Bobby Chouinard4.140-22741.11127
Alan Embree4.194-25553.22343
Brian Anderson4.3312-1332208.02495
Clint Sodowsky5.683-64577.23942
Felix Rodriguez6.140-24344.02936
Jeff Suppan6.681-71366.02139
Saves: Olson (30); Rodriguez (5); Banks and Embree (1). Complete games: Daal (3); Anderson (2); Benes and Suppan (1). Shutouts: Daal and Anderson (1).

NL Team by Team StatisticsAtlanta Braves

1998 NL Team by Team Statistics
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