2001-02 NFC Team By Team Stats (Dallas Cowboys)

Passing (10 Att)AttCmpPctYdsTDRate
Quincy Carter*1769051.11072563.0
Anthony Wright984849.0529561.1
Ryan Leaf884551.1494157.7
Clint Stoerner492653.1314353.8
Interceptions: Carter 7, Wright and Stoerner 5, Leaf 3.
Signed: Leaf (Oct. 12).
Top ReceiversNoYdsAvgLongTD
Raghib Ismail5383415.780-td2
Joey Galloway5269913.447-td3
Emmitt Smith171166.8220
Michael Wiley16996.2171
Jackie Harris151419.4282
Top RushersCarYdsAvgLongTD
Emmitt Smith26110213.9443
Troy Hambrick1135795.1802
Michael Wiley342477.3580
Quincy Carter451503.3171
Most TouchdownsTDRunRecRetPts
Joey Galloway303018
Emmitt Smith330018
Six tied with 2 each for 12 pts.
2-Pt. Conversions: (0-2).
Tim Seder12/1211/174651
Jon Hilbert*12/1211/164345
Signed: Hilbert (Nov. 13).
Punts (10 or more)NoYdsLongAvgIn20
Micah Knorr7831355740.225
Most Interceptions
Darren Woodson3
Most Sacks
Greg Ellis6


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