1998 Winston Cup Point Standings

Official Top 10 NASCAR Winston Cup point leaders and Top 15 money leaders for 1997 and unofficial Top 10 point leaders and Top 15 money leaders for 1998 (through Oct. 11). Points awarded for all qualifying drivers (winner receives 175) and lap leaders. Earnings include bonuses. Listed are starts (Sts), Top 5 finishes (1-2-3-4-5), poles won (PW) and points (Pts).

FINAL 1997

1Jeff Gordon3210-3-2-4-314710
2Dale Jarrett327-4-4-2-334696
3Mark Martin324-2-4-2-434681
4Jeff Burton323-3-3-2-204285
5Dale Earnhardt320-4-1-1-104216
6Terry Labonte321-3-2-2-004177
7Bobby Labonte321-2-2-2-134101
8Bill Elliott320-1-0-3-113836
9Rusty Wallace321-3-2-0-213598
10Ken Schrader320-0-0-2-023576

1998 Season

1Jeff Gordon3313-6-3-1-375328
2Mark Martin337-6-4-3-234964
3Dale Jarrett333-5-6-2-324619
4Rusty Wallace331-2-5-3-444501
5Jeff Burton332-4-2-5-504415
6Bobby Labonte332-3-2-4-034180
7Jeremy Mayfield331-1-3-2-514157
8Dale Earnhardt331-0-1-2-103928
9Terry Labonte331-1-2-1-003901
10Bobby Hamilton331-1-0-1-013786

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