National Basketball Association Champions

The National Basketball Association was originally the Basketball Association of America. It took its current name in 1949 when it merged with the National Basketball League.

YearEastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceWinner (Series)
1947Philadelphia WarriorsChicago StagsPhiladelphia Warriors (4?1)
1948Philadelphia WarriorsBaltimore BulletsBaltimore Bullets (4?2)
1949Washington CapitolsMinneapolis LakersMinneapolis Lakers (4?2)
1950Syracuse NationalsMinneapolis LakersMinneapolis Lakers (4?2)
1951New York KnickerbockersRochester RoyalsRochester Royals (4?3)
1952New York KnickerbockersMinneapolis LakersMinneapolis Lakers (4?3)
1953New York KnickerbockersMinneapolis LakersMinneapolis Lakers (4?1)
1954Syracuse NationalsMinneapolis LakersMinneapolis Lakers (4?3)
1955Syracuse NationalsFt. Wayne PistonsSyracuse Nationals (4?3)
1956Philadelphia WarriorsFt. Wayne PistonsPhiladelphia Warriors (4?1)
1957Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston Celtics (4?3)
1958Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksSt. Louis Hawks (4?2)
1959Boston CelticsMinneapolis LakersBoston Celtics (4?0)
1960Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston Celtics (4?3)
1961Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston Celtics (4?1)
1962Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?3)
1963Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?2)
1964Boston CelticsSan Francisco WarriorsBoston Celtics (4?1)
1965Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?1)
1966Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?3)
1967Philadelphia 76ersSan Francisco WarriorsPhiladelphia 76ers (4?2)
1968Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?2)
1969Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?3)
1970New York KnickerbockersLos Angeles LakersNew York Knickerbockers (4?3)
1971Baltimore BulletsMilwaukee BucksMilwaukee Bucks (4?0)
1972New York KnickerbockersLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?1)
1973New York KnickerbockersLos Angeles LakersNew York Knickerbockers (4?1)
1974Boston CelticsMilwaukee BucksBoston Celtics (4?3)
1975Washington BulletsGolden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors (4?0)
1976Boston CelticsPhoenix SunsBoston Celtics (4?2)
1977Philadelphia 76ersPortland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers (4?2)
1978Washington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsWashington Bullets (4?3)
1979Washington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsSeattle SuperSonics (4?1)
1980Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?2)
1981Boston CelticsHouston RocketsBoston Celtics (4?2)
1982Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?2)
1983Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ers (4?0)
1984Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics (4?3)
1985Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?2)
1986Boston CelticsHouston RocketsBoston Celtics (4?2)
1987Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?2)
1988Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?3)
1989Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersDetroit Pistons (4?0)
1990Detroit PistonsPortland Trail BlazersDetroit Pistons (4?1)
1991Chicago BullsLos Angeles LakersChicago Bulls (4?1)
1992Chicago BullsPortland Trail BlazersChicago Bulls (4?2)
1993Chicago BullsPhoenix SunsChicago Bulls (4?2)
1994New York KnickerbockersHouston RocketsHouston Rockets (4?3)
1995Orlando MagicHouston RocketsHouston Rockets (4?0)
1996Chicago BullsSeattle SuperSonicsChicago Bulls (4?2)
1997Chicago BullsUtah JazzChicago Bulls (4?2)
1998Chicago BullsUtah JazzChicago Bulls (4?2)
1999New York KnickerbockersSan Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs (4?1)
2000Indiana PacersLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?2)
2001Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?1)
2002New Jersey NetsLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers (4?0)
2003New Jersey NetsSan Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs (4?2)
2004Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersDetroit Pistons (4?1)
2005Detroit PistonsSan Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs (4?3)
2006Miami HeatDallas MavericksMiami Heat (4?2)
2007San Antonio SpursCleveland CavaliersSan Antonio Spurs (4?0)
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