American League Leaders for the 2001 Season: Pitching

Earned Run Average

Freddy Garcia, SeaR1863.053434430238.21998881165691633
Mike Mussina, NYR17113.153434430228.22028780204422146
Joe Mays, MinR17133.163434420233.220587822556412311
Mark Buehrle, ChiL1683.293232420221.11888981248481261
Tim Hudson, OakR1893.373535300235.021610088206711819
Jamie Moyer, SeaL2063.433333100209.218784802410441191
Mark Mulder, OakL2183.453434640229.12149288165511534
Barry Zito, OakL1783.493535320214.118492831813802056
Roger Clemens, NYR2033.513333000220.120594861957221314
Cory Lidle, OakR1363.592929100188.017084752310471185
Aaron Sele, SeaR1553.603433210215.02169386257511141
Steve Sparks, DetR1493.653533810232.024411094226641168
Jarrod Washburn, AnaL11103.773030100193.11968981257541263
Tim Wakefield, BosR9123.904517003168.215684731318731485
Brad Radke, MinR15113.943333620226.0235105992410261374
Note: Pitchers must have 1 inning pitched per their team's games played to qualify.


Mulder, Oak21-8
Clemens, NY20-3
Moyer, Sea20-6
Garcia, Sea18-6
Hudson, Oak18-9
Abbott, Sea17-4
Sabathia*, Cle17-5
Zito, Oak17-8
Mussina, NY17-11
Mays, Min17-13


Quantrill, Tor80
Stanton, NY76
Grimsley, KC73
Foulke, Chi72
Borbon, Tor71
Rhodes, Sea71
Rivera, NY71

Complete Games

Sparks, Det8
Mulder, Oak6
Radke, Min6
Weaver, Det5
Buehrle, Chi4
Garcia, Sea4
Mays, Min4
Mussina, NY4


Mulder, Oak4
Garcia, Sea3
Mussina, NY3
Six tied with 2 each.


Mercedes, Bal8-17
Durbin, KC9-16
Weaver, Det13-16
Suppan, KC10-14
Rekar, TB3-13
Valdes, Ana9-13
Mays, Min17-13
Seven tied with 12 each.


Garcia, Sea238.2
Hudson, Oak235.0
Mays, Min233.2
Sparks, Det232.0
Mulder, Oak229.1
Weaver, Det229.1
Mussina, NY228.2
Radke, Min226.0
Colon, Cle222.1
Buehrle, Chi221.1


Rivera, NY507
Sasaki, Sea457
Foulke, Chi423
Percival, Ana393
Koch, Tor368
Isringhausen, Oak349
Wickman, Cle323
Hawkins, Min289
Hernandez, KC286
Zimmerman, Tex283


Nomo, Bos96
Sabathia*, Cle95
Colon, Cle90
Abbott, Sea87
Zito, Oak80
Stein, KC79
Sturtze, TB79
Johnson, Bal77
Schoeneweis, Ana77
Ortiz, Ana76

HRs Allowed

Helling, Tex38
Milton, Min35
Rupe, TB30
Carpenter, Tor29
Johnson, Bal28
Heredia, Oak27
Loaiza, Tor27

Wild Pitches

Clemens, NY14
K. Wells, Chi14
Reichert, KC12
Abbott, Sea11
Mays, Min11
Sturtze, TB11
Stein, KC10

SB Allowed

Nomo, Bos52
Clemens, NY34
Johnson, Bal34
Wakefield, Bos32
Castillo, Bos27
Sabathia*, Cle27
Hudson, Oak24


Nomo, Bos220
Mussina, NY214
Clemens, NY213
Zito, Oak205
Colon, Cle201
Hudson, Oak181
Sabathia*, Cle171
Pettitte, NY164
Garcia, Sea163
Martinez, Bos163

Opp. Batting Average

Garcia, Sea .225
Sabathia*, Cle .228
Buehrle, Chi .230
Zito, Oak 230
Nomo, Bos .231
Mays, Min .235
Mussina, NY .237
Abbott, Sea .238
Moyer, Sea .239
Lidle, Oak .242


(Walks + Hits/IP)

Buehrle, Chi1.07
Mussina, NY1.07
Moyer, Sea1.10
Garcia, Sea1.12
Mays, Min1.15
Lidle, Oak1.15
Radke, Min1.15
Mulder, Oak1.16
Hudson, Oak1.22
Zito, Oak1.23

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American League Leaders for the 2001 Season
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