2003-2004 NHL Western Conference Team Standings

Central Division
Detroit Red Wings1482111109255189
St. Louis Blues239301191191198
Nashville Predators238291191216217
Columbus Blue Jackets2545862177238
Chicago Blackhawks20431159188259
Northwest Division
Vancouver Canucks1432410101235194
Colorado Avalanche1402213100236198
Calgary Flames14230794200176
Edmonton Oilers36291289221208
Minnesota Wild30292083188183
Pacific Division
San Jose Sharks1432112104219183
Dallas Stars241261397194175
Los Angeles Kings28291681205217
Anaheim Mighty Ducks29351076184213
Phoenix Coyotes22361868188245
1. Clinched division. 2. Playoff qualifier.


EASTERN CONFERENCENational Hockey League Final Standings of the Clubs: 2003–2004 


National Hockey League Final Standings of the Clubs: 2003–2004