Professional Football 2002-2003 Season Standings: Individual Statistics

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(Jan. 26, 2003, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, Calif. Attendance: 67,603. Time: 3:50)


1st Q2nd Q3rd Q4th QFinal
Tampa Bay317141448
1st: OAK—Janikowski 40-yd field goal, 4:20. Key plays: C. Woodson 12-yd interception return to TB 36. Gannon 8-yd pass to Garner to TB 28. Gannon 9-yd pass to Brown to TB 19. TB—Gramatica 31-yd field goal, 7:09. Key plays: B. Johnson 11-yd pass to Jurevicius to TB 40. B. Johnson 23-yd pass to Jurevicius to OAK 37. Pittman 23-yd run to OAK 14.
2nd: TB—Gramatica 43-yd field goal, 3:44. Key plays: Jackson 9-yd interception return to TB 49. B. Johnson 11-yd pass to K. Johnson to OAK 39. B. Johnson 9-yd pass to K. Johnson to OAK 27. TD: Alstott 2-yd run (Gramatica kick), 8:36. Key plays: Williams 25-yd punt return to OAK 27. Pittman 19-yd run to OAK 2. TD: McCardell 5-yd pass from B. Johnson (Gramatica kick), 14:30. Key plays: Pittman 9-yd run to TB 42. B. Johnson 16-yd pass to Alstott to OAK 42. Pittman 3-yd run plus 5-yd illegal use of hands penalty on OAK Grant to OAK 29. B. Johnson 10-yd pass to K. Johnson to OAK 20. Alstott 3-yd run to OAK 17. B. Johnson 12-yd pass to Alstott to OAK 5.
3rd: TB—TD: McCardell 8-yd pass from B. Johnson (Gramatca kick), 9:30. Key plays: B. Johnson 10-yd run to TB 29. B. Johnson 9-yd pass to K. Johnson to TB 40. B. Johnson 11-yd pass to Jurevicius to OAK 46. B. Johnson 33-yd pass to Jurevicius to OAK 14. B. Johnson 12-yd pass to Dilger to OAK 1. TD: D. Smith 44-yd interception return (Gramatica kick), 10:13. OAK—TD: Porter 39-yd pass from Gannon, 12:46. Key plays: Gannon 25-yd pass to Jolley to OAK 42. 6-yd pass interference on TB's Quarles to TB 46. Gannon 7-yd pass to Ritchie to TB 39.
4th: OAK—TD: E. Johnson 13-yd return of blocked punt, 0:44. TD: Rice 48-yd pass from Gannon, 8:54. Key plays: OAK take over at OAK 22 after TB FG attempt. Gannon 9-yd pass to Jolley to OAK 31. Gannon 7-yd pass to Wheatley to OAK 38. Gannon 14-yd pass to Jolley to TB 45. TB—TD: Brooks 44-yd interception return (Gramatica kick), 13:42. TD—D. Smith 50-yd interception return (Gramatica kick), 14:58.

Individual Statistics

  • Passing: OAK—Gannon 24–44 for 272 yds. TB—B. Johnson 18–34 for 215 yds.
  • Rushing: OAK—Garner 7–10, Crockett 2–6, Gannon 2–3. TB—Pittman 29–124, Alstott 10–15, B. Johnson 1–10, Stecker 1–1, Tupa 1–0.
  • Receiving: OAK—Rice 5–77, Porter 4–62, Jolley 5–59, Garner 7–51, T. Brown 1–9, Wheatley 1–7, Ritchie 1–7. TB—Jurevicius 4–78, K. Johnson 6–69, Alstott 5–43, McCardell 2–13, Dilger 1–12..
  • Field goals: OAK—Janikowski 1–1. TB—Gramatica 2–2.
  • Punting: OAK—Lechler 5. TB—Tupa 4.
  • Kick/Punt Returns: OAK—Knight 8, Gordon 3, Cooper 1. TB—Stecker 3, Williams 1, D. Smith 1.
  • Interceptions: OAK—Gannon 5. TB—B. Johnson 1.
  • MVP: Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay defensive back.

Statistics of the Game

First downs1124
3rd down efficiency7/166/15
Total offense (net yards)269365
Average gain4.54.8
Rushing yards (net)19150
Average per rush1.73.6
Passing yards (net)250215
Yards per pass5.16.3
Yards lost to sacks220
Had intercepted51
Time of possession22:4637:14

National Football League Final Standings 20032002-2003 Season
Professional Football 2002-2003 Season Standings
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