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Big Changes for the PBA; Dorin-Ballard Dominates PWBA

In the Professional Bowlers Association's history books, the summary of 2001 will no doubt span two chapters—the end of one and the beginning of another.

The year marked the end of many familiar tournament traditions, and the beginning of a new era of television coverage and a more "fan-friendly" league schedule.

The 2001 season included nine tournaments and ran from January to March. The new 2001-02 season took over in September and will conclude on March 17, 2002 with the Brunswick Tournament of Champions. The players statistics from 2001 will carryover to the new season.

All of that makes it easy to overlook the fact that Walter Ray Williams Jr. picked up his first PBA National Championship and Parker Bohn III won his first ABC Masters title in 2001.

The PBA also had to deal with two significant deaths during the year. Detroit bowling legend Joe Norris, 93, died in February and six-time player of the year Earl Anthony died in August at age 63.

In Senior PBA Tour action: Player of the Year Bob Glass won four tournaments and came one pin from winning a fifth (the Epicenter Classic in June), which he lost in a one-ball roll-off to Johnny Petraglia.

In Professional Women's Bowling Association action: The year was dominated by Carolyn Dorin-Ballard.

A four-time runner-up for the PWBA Player of the Year Award, Dorin-Ballard made it abundantly clear she wanted to win the award in 2001.

Her record-setting season ended with her leading the PWBA in victories (seven), earnings ($125,670) and average (214.44).

The North Richland, Texas native tied Patty Costello's record for titles won in a single season.

The Professional Women's Bowling Association made headlines in the fall for a move that may pay huge dividends for all of women's professional sports.

By threatening to boycott the season's last major tournament, the U.S. Open, the organization won television coverage for the event and a separate prize fund from the men's tournament.

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