McGwire and Sosa pass Maris

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St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire and Chicago Cubs right fielder Sammy Sosa both surpassed Major League Baseball's single season home run record in 1998. The record, set by New York Yankees right fielder Roger Maris when he hit 61 homers in 1961, stood for 37 years until McGwire finished the 1998 season with 70 home runs establishing a new milestone. Below is a chronological list of McGwire's and Sosa's home runs. McGwire's home runs are listed in bold type.

No.DateHit byPitcherCountDist. (ft.)
1Mar. 31MMRamon Martinez, vs. LA1-0360
2Apr. 2MMFrank Lankford, vs. LA0-1370
3Apr. 3MMMark Langston, vs. SD3-2370
1Apr. 4SSMarc Valdes, vs. Mon.2-1371
4Apr. 4MMDon Wengert, vs. SD2-1430
2Apr. 11SSAnthony Telford, at Mon.1-2350
5Apr. 14MMJeff Suppan, vs. Ari.1-2420
6Apr. 14MMJeff Suppan, vs. Ari.1-1340
7Apr. 14MMBarry Manuel, vs. Ari.2-0460
3Apr. 15SSDennis Cook, at NYM3-2430
8Apr. 17MMMatt Whiteside, vs. Phi.2-2410
9Apr. 21MMTrey Moore, at Mon.0-0440
4Apr. 23SSDan Miceli, vs. SD0-1420
5Apr. 24SSIsmael Valdes, at LA3-1430
10Apr. 25MMJerry Spradlin, at Phi.1-2410
6Apr. 27SSJoey Hamilton, at SD0-1434
11Apr. 30MMMarc Pisciotta, at Cubs2-1380
12May 1MMRod Beck, at Cubs1-2360
7May 3SSCliff Politte, vs. St.L2-1370
13May 8MMRick Reed, at NYM0-2350
14May 12MMPaul Wagner, vs. Mil.1-2527
15May 14MMKevin Millwood, vs. Atl.1-1380
8May 16SSScott Sullivan, at Cin.2-1420
16May 16MMLivan Hernandez, vs. Fla.1-0550
17May 18MMJesus Sanchez, vs. Fla.2-0478
18May 19MMTyler Green, at Phi.2-0420
19May 19MMTyler Green, at Phi.0-2390
20May 19MMWayne Gomes, at Phi.0-0420
9May 22SSGreg Maddux, at Atl.2-2440
21May 22MMMark Gardner, vs. SF1-1425
22May 23MMRich Rodriguez, vs. SF1-0370
23May 23MMJohn Johnstone, vs. SF2-2480
24May 24MMRobb Nen, vs. SF2-2390
25May 25MMJohn Thomson, vs. Col.2-2430
10May 25SSKevin Millwood, at Atl.2-2410
11May 25SSMike Cather, at Atl.0-1420
12May 27SSDarrin Winston, vs. Phi.1-2460
13May 27SSWayne Gomes, vs. Phi.0-0400
26May 29MMDan Miceli, at SD0-1388
27May 30MMAndy Ashby, at SD0-1423
14June 1SSRyan Dempster, vs. Fla.1-0430
15June 1SSOscar Henriquez, vs. Fla.1-0410
16June 3SSLivan Hernandez, vs. Fla.1-0370
17June 5SSJim Parque, vs. WSox1-2370
28June 5MMOrel Hershiser, vs. SF1-2410
18June 6SSCarlos Castillo, vs. WSox2-2410
19June 7SSJames Baldwin, vs. WSox3-2380
29June 8MMJason Bere, at WSox0-0360
20June 8SSLaTroy Hawkins, at Min.0-2340
30June 10MMJim Parque, at WSox1-0410
31June 12MMAndy Benes, at Ari.1-0450
21June 13SSMark Portugal, at Phi.0-1350
22June 15SSCal Eldred, vs. Mil.1-0420
23June 15SSCal Eldred, vs. Mil.2-1410
24June 15SSCal Eldred, vs. Mil.2-1415
25June 17SSBronswell Patrick, vs. Mil.2-2430
32June 17MMJose Lima, at Hou.1-2350
33June 18MMShane Reynolds, at Hou.1-1450
26June 19SSCarlton Loewer, vs. Phi.2-2380
27June 19SSCarlton Loewer, vs. Phi.1-0380
28June 20SSMatt Beech, vs. Phi.3-2366
29June 20SSToby Borland, vs. Phi.2-0500
30June 21SSTyler Green, vs. Phi.2-2380
34June 24MMJaret Wright, at Cle.1-1430
31June 24SSSeth Greisinger, at Det.0-2390
35June 25 MMDave Burba, at Cle.2-2461
32June 25SSBrian Moehler, at Det.1-0400
36June 27MMMike Trombley, at Min.2-2430
33June 30SSAlan Embree, vs. Ari.3-2364
37June 30MMGlendon Rusch, vs. KC0-1470
34July 9SSJeff Juden, at Mil.0-2430
35July 10SSScott Karl, at Mil.1-0450
38July 11MMBilly Wagner, vs. Hou.0-2440
39July 12MMSean Bergman, vs. Hou.0-0400
40July 12MMScott Elarton, vs. Hou.2-1390
41July 17MMBrian Bohanon, vs. LA0-0510
36July 17SSKirt Ojala, at Fla.2-1440
42July 17MMAntonio Osuna, vs. LA1-0430
43July 20MMBrian Boehringer, at SD2-1450
37July 22SSMiguel Batista, vs. Mon.1-0365
38July 26SSRick Reed, vs. NYM2-2420
44July 26MMJohn Thomson, at Col.0-0452
39July 27SSWillie Blair, at Ari.1-1350
40July 27SSAlan Embree, at Ari.0-0420
45July 28MMMike Myers, vs. Mil.2-2420
41July 28SSBob Wolcott, at Ari.3-1400
42July 31SSJamey Wright, vs. Col.3-2380
43Aug. 5SSAndy Benes, vs. Ari.3-2380
46Aug. 8MMMark Clark, vs. Cubs2-1380
44Aug. 8SSRich Croushore, at St.L1-0400
45Aug. 10SSRuss Ortiz, at SF3-1370
46Aug. 10SSChris Brock, at SF2-1420
47Aug. 11MMBobby Jones, vs. NYM1-0470
47Aug. 16SSSean Bergman, at Hou.0-1360
48Aug. 19SSKent Bottenfield, vs. St.L0-0368
48Aug. 19MMMatt Karchner, at Cubs3-1398
49Aug. 19MMTerry Mulholland, at Cubs2-0409
50Aug. 20MMRick Reed, at NYM3-2385
51Aug. 20MMWillie Blair, at NYM2-1369
49Aug. 21SSOrel Hershiser, vs. SF3-2430
52Aug. 22MMFrancisco Cordova, at Pit.0-2460
50Aug. 23SSJose Lima, vs. Hou.3-2433
53Aug. 23MMRicardo Rincon, at Pit.2-2390
51Aug. 23SSJose Lima, vs. Hou.1-0388
52Aug. 26SSBrett Tomko, at Cin.1-1440
54Aug. 26MMJustin Speier, vs. Fla.0-1510
53Aug. 28SSJohn Thomson, at Col.1-2414
54Aug. 30SSDarryl Kile, at Col.1-2482
55Aug. 30MMDennis Martinez, vs. Atl.1-0500
55Aug. 31SSBrett Tomko, vs. Cin.0-1364
56Sept. 1MMLivan Hernandez, at Fla.1-1450
57Sept. 1MMDonn Pall, at Fla.0-0470
56Sept. 2SSJason Bere, vs. Cin.0-1370
58Sept. 2MMBrian Edmondson, at Fla.2-1430
59Sept. 2MMRobby Stanifer, at Fla.0-0458
57Sept. 4SSJason Schmidt, at Pit.2-0400
60Sept. 5MMDennis Reyes, vs. Cin.2-0380
58Sept. 5SSSean Lawrence, at Pit.3-1405
61Sept. 7MMMike Morgan, vs. Cubs1-1430
62Sept. 8MMSteve Trachsel, vs. Cubs0-0341
59Sept. 11SSBill Pulsipher, vs. Mil.0-1433
60Sept. 12SSV. De Los Santos, vs. Mil.3-2390
61Sept. 13SSBronswell Patrick, vs. Mil.0-1480
62Sept. 13SSEric Plunk, vs. Mil.2-1480
63Sept. 15MMJason Christiansen, vs. Pit.1-0385
63Sept. 16SSBrian Boehringer, vs. Mil.1-0434
64Sept. 18MMRafael Roque, vs. Mil.3-1410
65Sept. 20MMScott Karl, vs. Mil.2-1420
64Sept. 23SSRafael Roque, at Mil.1-0344
65Sept. 23SSRod Henderson, at Mil.2-2410
66Sept. 25SSJose Lima, at Hou.0-1420
66Sept. 25MMShayne Bennett, vs. Mon.1-2380
67Sept. 26MMDustin Hermanson, vs. Mon.0-0400
68Sept. 26MMKirk Bullinger, vs. Mon.1-1440
69Sept. 27MMMike Thurman, vs. Mon.1-1377
70Sept. 27MMCarl Pavano, vs. Mon.0-0370

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