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The A-League serves as a type of minor league system for Major League Soccer. The division II outdoor league is part of the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (USISL) and is recognized by U.S. Soccer. MLS and the USISL have an agreement where MLS teams can assign players to the A-League and call-up A-League players when desired. Also, the U.S. Pro-40 Select team is made-up of players from the MLS's Project 40 program. Project 40 is a joint venture between MLS and U.S. Soccer aimed at developing young American players, giving them the chance to train with MLS clubs and play games at various professional levels. The U.S. Pro-40 team played all their games on the road.

Eastern Conference

Northeast DivisionWLPtsGF GA
*Rochester Raging Rhinos226924720
Staten Island Vipers199825231
Long Island Rough Riders1810745744
Pittsburgh Riverhounds1612726343
Lehigh Valley Steam1513634244
Boston Bulldogs1216614936
Toronto Lynx1216513137
Connecticut Wolves721343268
Atlantic DivisionW L PtsGF GA
*Hershey Wildcats1711755433
Richmond Kickers1711695144
Charleston Battery1513685034
Atlanta Silverbacks1513624339
Jacksonville Cyclones1615595161
Hampton Roads Mariners1513574541
Raleigh Capital Express1117473250
Maryland Mania325131685

Western Conference

Central DivisionWL PtsGF GA
*Minnesota Thunder226885717
U.S. Pro-401711664446
New Orleans Storm1414665661
Indiana Blast1315554351
Milwaukee Rampage1315544449
Tennessee Rhythm1117494452
Cincinnati Riverhawks721344571
Pacific DivisionWLPtsGFGA
*San Diego Flash208906530
Vancouver 86ers199847731
Seattle Sounders199815636
Orange County Zodiac1711735949
El Paso Patriots1216554959
San Francisco Bay Seals919403754
Sacramento Geckos02811691

Note: Three points are awarded for a victory in regulation or overtime. One point is awarded for a shootout win. Shootouts occur if a game is tied after a 15-minute sudden-death overtime.


Round of 16 (Single elimination)

Sept. 10Rochester 2, Lehigh Valley 1at Rochester
Sept. 10San Diego 3, El Paso 1at San Diego
Sept. 10U.S. Pro-40 3, Vancouver 1at Vancouver
Sept. 11Staten Island 3, Richmond 2 OTat Staten Island
Sept. 11Hershey 3, Charleston 2at Hershey
Sept. 11Pittsburgh 4, Long Island 3at Long Island
Sept. 11Minnesota 4, New Orleans 0at Minnesota
Sept. 11Seattle 6, Orange County 3at Seattle

Quarterfinals (Best of 3)

Eastern Conference

Hershey vs. Staten Island

Sept. 16Hershey 2, Staten Island 0at Hershey
Sept. 18Hershey 2, Staten Island 0at Staten Island
Hershey wins series, 2-0

Rochester vs. Pittsburgh

Sept. 18Rochester 6, Pittsburgh 2at Rochester
Sept. 25Pittsburgh 1, Rochester 0at Pittsburgh
Sept. 28Rochester 2, Pittsburgh 0at Rochester
Rochester wins series, 3-1

Western Conference

Minnesota vs. US Pro-40

Sept. 18Minnesota 1, US Pro-40 0 OTat Minnesota
Sept. 20Minnesota 2, US Pro-40 0at Minnesota
Minnesota wins series, 2-0

San Diego vs. Seattle

Sept. 18San Diego 6, Seattle 0at San Diego
Sept. 25San Diego 1, Seattle 0at Seattle
San Diego wins series, 2-0

Semifinals (Best of 3)

Eastern Conference

Rochester vs. Hershey

Oct. 3Hershey 2, Rochester 1at Hershey
Oct. 9Rochester 1, Hershey 0at Rochester
Oct. 11Rochester 3, Hershey 1at Rochester
Rochester wins series, 2-1

Western Conference

Minnesota vs. San Diego

Oct. 2Minnesota 4, San Diego 1at Minnesota
Oct. 7Minnesota 2, San Diego 1at San Diego
Minnesota wins series, 2-0


Oct. 16, 1999 at Blaine, Minn. Attendance: 9,987


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