Final Bowl Championship Series Rankings for College Football's 1998-99 Season

The Bowl Championship Series rankings were used for the first time during the 1998 season to determine BCS bowl match-ups. The final rankings were released Dec. 6, 1998. Note that Q-rank refers to Quartile rank and L refers to games lost.

??Polls ?????? Computer Rankings ????
APESPNAvg.Sea. TimesSagarinNY TimesAvg.Sched.Q-rankLTotal
2Florida St.22222.25 (3)11.7540.1614.91
3Kansas St.444414 (5)3.00491.9619.96
4Ohio St.3336.75 (7)635.25281.12110.37
5UCLA655.5345.25 (6)4.0880.32110.90
6Texas A&M898.56545.0050.20215.70
10Tulane10101081416.5 (23)12.83963.84026.67
11Nebraska14161511713.5 (15)10.50140.56329.06
13Arkansas111111.0171221.75 (22)16.92592.36232.28
14Georgia Tech121413.016201216.00441.76232.76
15Syracuse181717.517.25 (24)16713.42220.88334.80
Explanation Key
Poll Average?The average of the Associated Press media poll and the USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll. Others receiving votes are calculated in order received.
Computer Average?The average of The Hester & Anderson/Seattle Times, Jeff Sagarin's rankings and The New York Times rankings. In order to prevent differences in individual formulas, a maximum adjusted deviation of no greater than 50 percent of the average of the two lowest computer rankings is utilized. That number appears in parenthesis.
Quartile Rank?Rank of schedule strength compared to other Division I-A teams divided by 25. This component is calculated by determining the cumulative won/loss records of the team's opponents (66.6 percent) and the cumulative won/loss record of the team's opponents' opponents (33.3 percent).
Losses?One point for each loss during the season.

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