Winter 1928 Olympics Leading Medal Winners (Speed skating, Cross Country, Bobsled)

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.

No   Sport G-S-B
3 Bernt Evensen, NOR Sp. Skate 1-1-1
2 Johan Gröttumsbråten, NOR X-country 2-0-0
2 Clas Thunberg, FIN Sp. Skate 2-0-0
2 Jennison Heaton, USA Bobsled & Cresta 1-1-0
2 Ivar Ballangrud, NOR Sp. Skate 1-0-1
Note: Evensen also placed second in the 10,000–meter speed skating race that was later disallowed due to thawing ice conditions.


Top 5 Standings 1928 Olympics Bobsled