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(Encyclopedia) Hjørring yör´ng, city (1992 pop. 24,224), Nordjylland co., N Denmark. The center of an agricultural region, it has food-processing plants, textile mills, machine shops, and shipyards…

Hkakabo Razi

(Encyclopedia) Hkakabo Razi kä´käb rä´z, peak, 19,296 ft (5,881 m) high, N Myanmar, on an outlier of the Himalayan system. It is the highest point in Myanmar.


(Encyclopedia) Ho, symbol for the element holmium.

Hoadly, Benjamin

(Encyclopedia) Hoadly, Benjamin hd´l, 1676–1761, English prelate, center of the Bangorian Controversy within the Church of England. He was a leader in the Low Church group. In 1715 he was appointed…

Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood

(Encyclopedia) Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood, 1816–95, American lawyer, U.S. Attorney General (1869–70), b. Concord, Mass. While serving (1846) in the Massachusetts senate, he declared that he would rather…

Hoar, George Frisbie

(Encyclopedia) Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826–1904, American legislator, b. Concord, Mass. He practiced law, became a Republican in politics, and was U.S. Representative (1869–77) and U.S. Senator (1877–…

Hoare, Samuel

(Encyclopedia) Hoare, Samuel: see Templewood, Samuel John Gurney Hoare, 1st Viscount.


(Encyclopedia) hoarfrost: see frost.


(Encyclopedia) hoatzin wätsn´ [Aztec], common name for a peculiar marsh bird, Opisthocomus hoatzin. The hoatzin is a slender bird with a brownish plumage spotted with white above and reddish-yellow…


(Encyclopedia) Hobab h´bb: see Jethro.