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(Encyclopedia) horse, hoofed, herbivorous mammal now represented by a single extant genus, Equus. The term horse commonly refers only to the domestic Equus caballus and to the wild Przewalski's?


Annual money-leading horses since 1910, according to The American Racing Manual. Multiple leaders: Round Table, Buckpasser, Alysheba and Cigar (2).Year Age Sts 1-2-3Earnings1910 Novelty 2?

paint horse

(Encyclopedia) paint horse: see pinto horse.

light horse

(Encyclopedia) light horse, any breed of horse that is used primarily for riding or for light work such as pulling buggies. Light horses have their origin in the Middle East and N Africa. All modern?

draft horse

(Encyclopedia) draft horse or work horse, any breed of horse that is suited to or used for drawing heavy loads. Draft horses originated in central Europe, where their domestication preceded the Roman?

Przewalski's horse

(Encyclopedia) Przewalski's horse psh?vlsk?z, wild horse of Asia, Equus przewalski, E. ferus przewalski, or E. caballus przewalski, the only extant wild horse that, in the purebred state, is?

Arabian horse

(Encyclopedia) Arabian horse, breed of light horse developed in Mesopotamia and N Africa, and probably the first true domesticated breed. Prized since earliest times for its superior beauty, spirit,?

Shire horse

(Encyclopedia) Shire horse, a breed of draft horse native to central England. It is equal in weight to the Belgian horse and is usually slightly taller. Widely used as a war horse during the Middle?