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Walt Whitman: A Christmas Greeting

A Christmas GreetingWelcome, Brazilian brother?thy ample place is ready; A loving hand?a smile from the north?a sunny instant hall! (Let the future care for itself, where it reveals its?


(Encyclopedia) Claudia kld??, Christian who sent greetings to Timothy, as recorded in Paul's Letter to Timothy.


(Encyclopedia) Amplias ?mpl??s or Ampliatus?mpl??t?s, Christian in Rome to whom Paul sent greetings in his Letter to the Romans.


(Encyclopedia) Memnon m?mn?n, in Greek mythology, king of Ethiopia, son of Tithonus and Eos. In the Trojan War he fought against the Greeks, and after he had killed Antilochus, he himself was killed?

Saint Valentine's Day

(Encyclopedia) Saint Valentine's Day, Western European Christian holiday, originally the Roman feast of Lupercalia. It was christianized in memory of the martyrdom of St. Valentine in &AD;?

Thorndike, Dame Sybil

(Encyclopedia) Thorndike, Dame Sybil (Agnes Sybil Thorndike), 1882?1976, English actress. Thorndike made her debut with the Ben Greet Players and toured the United States with them (1904?7). She?

Foster, Abigail Kelley

(Encyclopedia) Foster, Abigail Kelley, 1810?87, American abolitionist and advocate of women's rights, b. near Amherst, Mass. Abby Kelley, as she was known to her contemporaries, began her?


(Encyclopedia) Hebrews, an anonymous New Testament homily with closing greetings normally associated with the letter genre, written before c.&AD; 96. It is addressed to Jewish Christians who were?


(Encyclopedia) imprinting, acquisition of behavior in many animal species, in which, at a critical period early in life, the animals form strong and lasting attachments. Imprinting is important for?