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(Encyclopedia) golf, game of hitting a small hard ball with specially made clubs over an outdoor course sometimes (particularly if it is near the coast) called a links. The object is to deposit the?


Event Men's SinglesCharles Sands, USA167 Walter Rutherford, GBR168 David Robertson, GBR175Women's SinglesMargaret Abbott, USA47 Polly Whittier, SWI49 Daria Pratt, USA55Fencing1900?

Golf History

The Question: Where was golf invented and where did the name of golf come from? The Answer: Although golf's place of origin is uncertain, Scotland has the?

Golf Summary

The Masters Tournament Winners U.S. Open Champions?

Other 2007 LPGA Tour Winners

(Through Nov. 28, 2007) 2007 golf tour winners from the Women's World Cup of Golf to the ADT Championship. Tournament?winner Winnings Women's World Cup of?

Other 2007 PGA Tour Winners

(Through Nov. 28, 2007) 2007 golf tour winners from the Mercedes Championship to the Children's Miracle Network Classic. Tournament—winner Winnings Mercedes Championship—Vijay Singh?

2002 Golf Season

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2001 Golf Season

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2000 Golf Season

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1999 Golf Season

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