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(Encyclopedia)Shanghai shng´h´, shäng´h´ [key], city and municipality (2010 pop. 23,019,148), in, but independent of, Jiangsu prov., E China, on the Huangpu (Whangpoo) River where it flows into the Chang...

Ward, Frederick Townsend

(Encyclopedia)Ward, Frederick Townsend, 1831–62, American adventurer, b. Salem, Mass. A soldier of fortune, he served with William Walker in Nicaragua and with the French forces in the Crimean War. Ward arrived i...


(Encyclopedia)Huangpu, Whangpoo, or Hwangpooall: hwäng´poo´ [key], river, 60 mi (97 km) long, rising in the lake district of Shanghai Municipality, E China, and flowing NE past Shanghai into the Chang estuary...

Shanghai Tower

(Encyclopedia)Shanghai Tower, skyscraper in Shanghai, China. Largely completed in 2015 but not opened until 2017, it is the second-tallest building in the world and the tallest structure in China, standing 2,073 ft...


(Encyclopedia)Zhabei: see Shanghai, China.


(Encyclopedia)Chapei: see Shanghai, China.


(Encyclopedia)SCO: see Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

(Encyclopedia)Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), association of Eurasian nations founded 2001 in Shanghai by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Under the charter signed in 2002...


(Encyclopedia)viaduct v´dkt [key] [Lat.,=road conveyor], type of bridge for carrying a highway or railroad over a valley, over low ground, or over a road. It is commonly constructed in the form of several ...


(Encyclopedia)Wuhu woo-hoo [key], city (1994 est. pop. 457,900), E central Anhui prov., China. It is a deepwater port on the Chang River, linked by rail with Nanjing and Shanghai. It is a commercial center, a m...

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