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Bryan, William Jennings

(Encyclopedia) Bryan, William Jennings br??n, 1860?1925, American political leader, b. Salem, Ill. Although the nation consistently rejected him for the presidency, it eventually adopted many of the?

The Supreme Court: Protecting Land and Home

Protecting Land and HomeThe Supreme CourtDeciding Property RightsProtecting Land and HomeSaving WetlandsProtecting Patents, Copyrights and TrademarksTrademark for Sex Shop Most of the time?

City of Philadelphia v. New Jersey (1978)

Case SummaryCities, including Philadelphia, and landfill operators, sued to challenge a New Jersey law that prevented out-of-State waste from being treated or disposed of within New Jersey.?

Illinois v. Wardlow (2000)

Case SummaryAt his trial for unlawful possession of a weapon, William Wardlow argued that the police did not have grounds to stop him. The trial court rejected this argument and he was?

Ingraham v. Wright (1977)

Case SummaryTwo Florida students who were paddled in school brought suit in federal court arguing that the paddling was ?cruel and unusual punishment? and that students should have a right to?

Nixon v. Fitzgerald (1982)

Case SummaryA. Ernest Fitzgerald claimed that he lost his employment with the Air Force because he gave testimony before Congress that was critical of his employer. He tried to add President?

The Supreme Court: Sales Taxes on Mail Orders

Sales Taxes on Mail OrdersThe Supreme CourtTaxing the PopulaceTaxes on Employee's Tip IncomeGambling Taxes Collected at Indian ReservationsSales Taxes on Mail Orders Many of us enjoy the?