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Black, Hugh

(Encyclopedia) Black, Hugh, 1868?1953, Scottish-American theologian and author. After serving as a pastor in Paisley and Edinburgh, he emigrated to the United States in 1906 to begin a professorship?

Bell, Alexander Melville

(Encyclopedia) Bell, Alexander Melville, 1819?1905, Scottish-American educator, b. Edinburgh. Bell worked out a physiological or visible alphabet, with symbols that were intended to represent every?

Garden, Alexander

(Encyclopedia) Garden, Alexander, c.1730?1791, Scottish-American naturalist and physician, b. Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He settled in Charleston, S.C., where he collected mineral, plant, and animal?

Garden, Mary

(Encyclopedia) Garden, Mary, 1874?1967, Scottish-American operatic soprano, b. Aberdeen, Scotland, studied in Paris. Her debut (1900) occurred when she replaced, without rehearsal, the star of?

Primrose, William

(Encyclopedia) Primrose, William, 1904?82, Scottish-American violist. After studying in London, and with Eugne Ysae, he played with the London String Quartet (1930?35) and the NBC Symphony?

Home, Daniel Dunglas

(Encyclopedia) Home, Daniel Dunglas hyo?om, 1833?86, Scottish-American spiritualist medium, b. Edinburgh, Scotland. He was taken to the United States when a small child. At age 13 he claimed to have?

McCosh, James

(Encyclopedia) McCosh, James, 1811?94, Scottish-American philosopher and educator, b. Ayrshire, Scotland, grad. Univ. of Edinburgh, 1833. He was called to the United States in 1868 to become?

MacIver, Robert Morrison

(Encyclopedia) MacIver, Robert Morrison m?k?v?r, ?k?v?r, 1882?1970, Scottish-American sociologist, b. Scotland, grad. Univ. of Edinburgh and Oxford. He began teaching at Columbia Univ. in 1927. His?

Wright, Frances

(Encyclopedia) Wright, Frances (Fanny Wright), 1795?1852, Scottish-American reformer, later known as Mme Darusmont, b. Dundee, Scotland. After her first tour (1818?20) of the United States she wrote?

Sierra Club

(Encyclopedia) Sierra Club, national organization in the United States dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the world's parks, wildlife, and wilderness areas. Founded (1892) in?