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New Netherland

(Encyclopedia) New Netherland, territory included in a commercial grant by the government of Holland to the Dutch West India Company in 1621. Colonists were settled along the Hudson River region; in?

New Amsterdam

(Encyclopedia) New Amsterdam, Dutch settlement at the mouth of the Hudson River and on the southern end of Manhattan island; est. 1624. It was the capital of the colony of New Netherland from 1626 to?

Moody, Deborah

(Encyclopedia) Moody, Deborah, d. 1659, American colonial religious leader and colonizer, b. England. She emigrated (1639) to Massachusetts Bay and settled in Saugus (now Lynn, Mass.). After being?

Stuyvesant, Peter

(Encyclopedia) Stuyvesant, Peter st?v?s?nt, c.1610?1672, Dutch director-general of New Netherland. He served as governor of Curaao and lost a leg in an expedition against St. Martin before?

Van Twiller, Wouter

(Encyclopedia) Van Twiller, Wouter, fl. 1632?1640, Dutch director-general of New Netherland. A nephew of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, he was appointed to succeed Peter Minuit and arrived in New Amsterdam?

Vries, David Pietersen de

(Encyclopedia) Vries, David Pietersen de dv?t p?t?rs?n d? vr?s, b. c.1593, Dutch merchant captain and colonizer. An experienced mariner, Vries, in partnership with directors of the Dutch West?

Kieft, Willem

(Encyclopedia) Kieft, Willem v?l?m k?ft, 1597?1647, Dutch director-general of New Netherland. Arriving in New Amsterdam in 1638 to succeed Wouter Van Twiller, Kieft immediately assumed absolute?

Dutch West India Company

(Encyclopedia) Dutch West India Company, trading and colonizing company, chartered by the States-General of the Dutch republic in 1621 and organized in 1623. Through its agency New Netherland was?

Van Curler, Arent

(Encyclopedia) Van Curler or Van Corlaer, Arent r?nt v?n krl?r, vn krlr, 1619?67, Dutch colonist in New Netherland. He came (1637) to the colony to assist in the management of Rensselaerswyck?

Minuit, Peter

(Encyclopedia) Minuit, Peter m?nyo?o?t, c.1580?1638, first director-general of New Netherland, b. Wesel (then the duchy of Cleves). Sent by the Dutch West India Company to take charge of its?