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(Encyclopedia) MoabMoabmōˈăb [key], ancient nation located in the uplands E of the Dead Sea, now part of Jordan. The area is unprotected from the east, hence its history is a chain of raids by the…

Ar, in the Bible

(Encyclopedia) ArArär [key], city of Moab, probably one of the important centers E of the Dead Sea. The Greeks called it Areopolis, and later it was called Rabbath Moab. References to it in the Bible…


(Encyclopedia) Pahath-moabPahath-moabpāˈhăth-mōˈăb [key], in the Bible, chief house of Judah.


(Encyclopedia) KiriathaimKiriathaimkĭrˈēəthāˈĭm [key], in the Bible, town of Moab. It is also spelled Kirjathaim.


(Encyclopedia) KeriothKeriothkĕrˈēŏth [key]. 1 Unidentified town, E of the Jordan in Moab. Called Kirioth in Amos 2.2. 2 Unidentifed town, S ancient Palestine. In AV what had been one name is given…


(Encyclopedia) KirKirkûr [key], in the Bible. 1 Unidentified land to which Tiglathpileser III banished the Syrians, credited by Amos as the original home of the Aramaeans (see Aram). 2 Place in Moab…

Moabite stone

(Encyclopedia) Moabite stoneMoabite stonemōˈəbītˌ [key], ancient slab of stone erected in 850 b.c. by King Mesha of Moab; it contains a long inscription commemorating a victory in his revolt against…


(Encyclopedia) ZipporZipporzĭpˈpôr [key], in the Bible, father of Balak, king of Moab.


(Encyclopedia) EhudEhudēˈhəd [key]. In the Bible, judge of Israel. He delivered Israel from Moab.


(Encyclopedia) LuhithLuhithl&oomacr;ˈhĭth [key], in the Bible, unidentified path in Moab, leading to a sanctuary on a hill.