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(Encyclopedia) Confucius k?nfyo?osh?s, Chinese K'ung Ch'iu or K'ung Fu-tzu, Pinyin Kong Fuzi, c.551?479? &BC;, Chinese sage. Positive evidence concerning the life of Confucius is?


Also Known As: Kong Fu-Zi Confucius was a teacher, scholar and minor political official whose commentary on Chinese literary classics developed into a pragmatic philosophy for daily life. Not?


(Encyclopedia) Taishan t?shn or Tait?, peak, 5,069 ft (1,545 m) high, W Shandong prov., E China. Located in the homeland of Confucius, it is China's most sacred mountain. In ancient times it?


(Encyclopedia) Mencius m?nsh?s, Mandarin Meng-tzu, 371??288? &BC;, Chinese Confucian philosopher. The principal source for Mencius' life is his own writings. He was born in the ancient?


(Encyclopedia) Confucianism k?nfyo?osh?n?z?m, moral and religious system of China. Its origins go back to the Analects (see Chinese literature), the sayings attributed to Confucius, and to ancient?

Book of Changes

(Encyclopedia) Book of Changes or I Ching? j?ng, ? ch?ng, ancient Chinese book of prophecy and wisdom. The oldest parts of its text are thought to have attained their present form in the century?

K'ung Hsiang-hsi

(Encyclopedia) K'ung Hsiang-hsi ko?ong shyng-sh?, 1881?1967, Chinese banker and political leader, educated at Oberlin and at Yale. He deemed himself a direct descendant of Confucius in the 75th?

Lao Tzu

(Encyclopedia) Lao Tzu lou dz?, fl. 6th cent. &BC;, Chinese philosopher, reputedly the founder of Taoism. It is uncertain that Lao Tzu [Ch.,=old person or old philosopher] is historical. His?


(Encyclopedia) Kano kn?, family or school of Japanese painters. Kano Masanobu, c.1434?c.1530, the forerunner of the school, was attached to the shogun Yoshimasa's court. He painted landscapes?


(Encyclopedia) Chou j?, dynasty of China, which ruled from c.1027 &BC; to 256 &BC; The pastoral Chou people migrated from the Wei valley NW of the Huang He c.1027 &BC; and overthrew the?