Quiz: Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
—By Paula Kurtzweil, Federal Drug Administration

1. The temperature of the refrigerator in my home is:
  1. 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius)
  2. 41° F (5° C)
  3. I don't know; I've never measured it
2. The last time we had leftover cooked stew or other food with meat, chicken, or fish, the food was:
  1. cooled to room temperature, then put in the refrigerator
  2. put in the refrigerator immediately after the food was served
  3. left at room temperature overnight or longer
3. The last time the kitchen sink drain, disposal, and connecting pipe in my home were sanitized was:
  1. last night
  2. several weeks ago
  3. can't remember
4. If a cutting board is used in my home to cut raw meat, poultry, or fish and it is going to be used to chop another food, the board is:
  1. reused as is
  2. wiped with a damp cloth
  3. washed with soap and hot water and sanitized with a mild chlorine bleach solution
5. The last time we had hamburgers in my home, I ate mine:
  1. rare
  2. medium
  3. well-done
6. I clean my kitchen counters and other surfaces that come in contact with food with:
  1. water
  2. hot water and soap
  3. hot water and soap, then bleach solution
  4. d. hot water and soap, then commercial sanitizing agent
7. When dishes are washed in my home, they are:
  1. cleaned by an automatic dishwasher and then air-dried
  2. left to soak in the sink for several hours and then washed with soap in the same water
  3. washed right away with hot water and soap in the sink and then air-dried
  4. d. washed right away with hot water and soap in the sink and immediately towel-dried
8. The last time I handled raw meat, poultry, or fish, I cleaned my hands afterwards by:
  1. wiping them on a towel
  2. rinsing them under hot, cold, or warm tap water
  3. washing with soap and water
9. Meat, poultry, and fish products are defrosted in my home by:
  1. setting them on the counter
  2. placing them in the refrigerator
  3. microwaving
10. The last time there was cookie dough in my home, the dough was:
  1. homemade with raw eggs, and I sampled some of it
  2. store-bought, and I sampled some of it
  3. not sampled until baked

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