Poems and Songs of Robert Burns: Terminology: A

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by Robert Burns


A', all.
A-back, behind, away.
Abiegh, aloof, off.
Ablins, v. aiblins.
Aboon, above up.
Abread, abroad.
Abreed, in breadth.
Ae, one.
Aff, off.
Aff-hand, at once.
Aff-loof, offhand.
A-fiel, afield.
Afore, before.
Aft, oft.
Aften, often.
Agley, awry.
Ahin, behind.
Aiblins, perhaps.
Aidle, foul water.
Aik, oak.
Aiken, oaken.
Ain, own.
Air, early.
Airle, earnest money.
Airn, iron.
Airt, direction.
Airt, to direct.
Aith, oath.
Aits, oats.
Aiver, an old horse.
Aizle, a cinder.
A-jee, ajar; to one side.
Alake, alas.
Alane, alone.
Alang, along.
Amaist, almost.
Amang, among.
An, if.
An', and.
Ance, once.
Ane, one.
Aneath, beneath.
Anes, ones.
Anither, another.
Aqua-fontis, spring water.
Aqua-vitae, whiskey.
Arle, v. airle.
Ase, ashes.
Asklent, askew, askance.
Aspar, aspread.
Asteer, astir.
A'thegither, altogether.
Athort, athwart.
Atweel, in truth.
Atween, between.
Aught, eight.
Aught, possessed of.
Aughten, eighteen.
Aughtlins, at all.
Auld, old.
Auldfarran, auldfarrant, shrewd, old-fashioned, sagacious.
Auld Reekie, Edinburgh.
Auld-warld, old-world.
Aumous, alms.
Ava, at all.
Awa, away.
Awald, backways and doubled up.
Awauk, awake.
Awauken, awaken.
Awe, owe.
Awkart, awkward.
Awnie, bearded.
Ayont, beyond.
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